The inCASA solution is being tested in Skive Municipality, Denmark
Posted by on 01 May 2013 13:08
The inCASA solution integrating telecare and telehealth services will be installed and tested in the Danish municipality, Skive. The test will run for four months from mid-February until mid-June and will involve a total of 20 elderly patients suffering from either COPD or Diabetes.

The main objective is to test the transferability capabilities of the technical platform and services already developed for the inCASA pilots. A number of completely new devices and services will be installed in Skive which will allow the project team to really test and evaluate how easily transferable the inCASA solution is. The new devices and services include:
- A smoke detector to monitor when a user is smoking which will be used to analyse the indoor air quality
- A window sensor to monitor if users open windows when smoking in order to increase the indoor air quality
- A blood glucose device to measure and monitor daily blood glucose levels
- A pedometer to measure daily activity level

In addition to these new devices and services, weight and oxygen saturation (SpO2) will also be measured and finally a video conferencing system between users and a Contact Centre will be set up.

A flyer in Danish is available here.
Extended News
Overall, the objectives of the Skive transferability demonstration include:

- evaluating how inCASA can combine health and social monitoring in the home on a single platform, which is easy to set up for the municipality and easy to use for the patient;
- evaluating how inCASA can be customised to satisfy demands from the care teams to share information across organisational boundaries, i.e. between primary and secondary care and between healthcare team and social teams;
- evaluating how inCASA can create better utilisation of resources through optimised integrated workflows;
- evaluating if inCASA can provide reliable instant video access to a single Contact Desk for patients with anxiety and need for advice.

The Lessons Learned from the transferability activities will be used not only to evaluate the inCASA solution but also to develop a toolkit that can be used in future deployment of the inCASA platform and services. Skive will contribute with their own evaluation report which will be analysed and included in a final report The inCASA Transfer Toolkit.

Skive Municipality belongs to the Central Denmark Region which is located in the central-northern part of Jutland. The municipality has a total population of 48,356 (2008) of which elderly citizens constitute a large part and Skive is thus fully embracing both telehealth and telecare as technology solutions that can support their aim to provide the same care services in the future as today but more efficiently and with fewer resources